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nccuaudionetorg Channel AudioNet is staffed by students majoring in Broadcasting, Music Industry Studies, and a variety of other majors. AudioNet students are volunteers, work-study students, and community service students at NCCU. Students at AudioNet are trained to be announcers, news anchors, production directors, music directors, and to hold other positions created to provide a professional broadcast training foundation while in college. If you are interested in sponsoring the programming at AudioNet, call (919) 530-7592 for more information.

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AudioNet is the student voice and information station for students on the campus of NCCU and is a training facility designed to give students on the field of broadcasting once in a lifetime chances to meet and work with some of today s most recognizable artists in the entertainment industry. AudioNet provides listeners with a variety of music, news, and information designed to entertain as well as inform. AudioNet s primary format is a mixture

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